Seasoning1kg x lamb neck fillet (diced)
1 x sprig thyme
1 x bay leaf
100g x dried split peas (24hr soak)
250g x carrot (diced)
250g x leek (diced)
250g x potatoes (diced)
3 x onions (diced)
1 x turnip (diced)
1 x stick celery (diced)
80g x pearl barley
½ x cabbage (shredded)
6 x tbsp chopped parsley


Put lamb in a pan of water (or lamb stock!). Bring to the boil – turn down and skim well – cook until tender.
Leave in liquid overnight to allow the fat to rise and set. Discard the fat.
Add vegetables (not the cabbage), peas and barley and cook until tender. Add cabbage, season and serve with chopped parsley.

Serve with oat cakes or chunky bread.